accessories are mandatory for your laptop

  • Screen Protector

Screen protector is one of the accessories that must be purchased for a new laptop. This accessory is a transparent protective plastic mounted on a laptop / netbook screen. The function of screen protector is very important that protect the screen from scratches and dust. Laptop screen protector available in various sizes ranging from size 10inch, 14inch, 15inch, 17inch.

  • Keyboard Protector

As the name implies these accessories serve to protect the keyboard laptop / netbook from dust, dirt, water spills, etc. This accessory is a transparent silicone plastic mounted on the keyboard. By using these accessories, the keyboard on the laptop in addition to avoid the things above also print letters on the button will not easily fade because the fingers are not in direct contact with the keyboard.
But the use of keyboard protector is not entirely safe. For some types of laptops, the use of a keyboard protector is not recommended. Some types of apple laptop output using the sidelines of the keyboard as air vents. When using a keyboard protector then the airways on the laptop will be hampered and will even damage the laptop.
Use the keyboard protector is safe if the air / vent in the laptop is not located on the sidelines of the keyboard.

  • Cooling pad

Cooling pad “required” for laptops that are often switched on for long periods or laptops that are prioritized for playing games. Cooling pad mounted under the laptop as a base, has a fan / fan that serves to blow hot air from the laptop out. Use cooling pad is powerful enough to lower the temperature of the laptop a few degrees Celsius. When confused to choose cooling like what you want to buy, friends can see tips here

  • USB Mouse

Mouse is no longer asked for what function. In addition to easy control of the cursor also minimize the use of track pad. Overuse will decrease the response and track pad sensitivity.
That’s 4 accessories that I always wear every time I use a laptop. There is no harm in buying accessories that are very useful to protect and maintain the performance of the laptop. In addition to the laptop to be durable, the laptop also always looks new because the screen and keyboard is always protected, for more info about all this product you can visit at wall mount adjustable arm