Tips on Restoring Lost or Deleted Data on Computer

Have you ever lost documents or data either because of viruses, accidentally deleted or other factors. You do not need to panic. As technology evolves today and remote data recovery service is easy to find, it is not impossible to recover deleted data on your computer. Basically, in certain circumstances, the deleted data is actually not completely lost from your computer. It’s just that it takes a little “effort” to restore the document is ready. Here’s how to easily restore lost data. You can choose the following ways according to the conditions that occur on your computer to restore lost data.

Do Check Recycle Bin

When data in Windows is deleted, the file is not actually deleted from your computer. Windows holds it inside the Recycle Bin folder. The Recycle Bin is a built-in feature that is automatically installed on your computer if you are using a Windows operating system. Folder in is a collection of files or data deleted intentionally or not. If the file still exists in the Recycle Bin, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Simply right-click and select Restore, then the data will return to where the initial file is stored, and you can use the data.

Use the Previous Versions Restore Features

Have you checked in Recycle Bin but it was deleted? Relax, there is still another way to restore lost data by using the Restore Previous Versions feature. This is an easy way because you do not have to install special programs for file recovery. But make sure already activate the restore point on your computer.

Use Specific Software if Required

The last things to do if following tips mentioned before is not working, use software data recovery such on site There are many software and services that you can use both free and paid. Deleted or lost data is unusual. Especially for those of you who actively use Computers in their daily activities. It’s a good idea to perform regular backups of data at different places from the computer.