Tips for Overcoming a Slow Computer

Nowadays we often experience our computers are very slow to work, as a result we become very lazy to start work with our computers. The problem is a computer that is slow at work is often detrimental to its users, including us. Many jobs are not finished because the computer performance is very slow. There are several things that cause our computers to run slowly. The following are things that make our computers slow.

1. Temp File Too Big

Temp files are files that are used temporarily and become redundant when a process is performed by the system. These temporary files are created to store temporary data when a file is being created or processed or used. Deleting temporary files can be done in two ways, namely manually and you can also use several applications which of course function specifically to clean all temporary files automatically. The application used is CCleaner, we can get this application on the official website or if we just google it, we will definitely find this application.

2. Installed Programs or Applications

Sometimes we pay less attention to this situation, we often install software that is not too important for our work. As a result, the computer will run a lot of programs when the computer is first turned on (booting). Obviously this is very heavy on the computer. The fix is very easy, we can uninstall applications that are not too important on the control panel or disable the application so that it does not run when the computer is turned on. Then, you can also uninstall obscure programs on your computer via the control panel. Click Windows, click Control Panel, click uninstall program, then select unused programs to uninstall.

3. Low PC Specs

If the computer that we have can work smoothly but when playing games or drawing applications, then our computer feels very heavy and slow, that means the application you are running requires even higher specifications. Try to see the ‘system requirements’ of the application so that we can compare it with the capabilities of our computer. The solution to fix this problem is that the specifications of the computer that we use need to be upgraded so that the computer can run smoothly.