Mandatory Accessories for Maximizing Your Mirror-less Camera Performance

Lately, mirror-less cameras are being loved. Its compact size, low price, but has functions and features that are not inferior to DSLR, are some of the reasons why this camera is increasingly in demand. For those of you who are new to photography and have just bought a mirror-less camera, supporting accessories are definitely needed. With these accessories, your mirror-less camera performance will be more leverage. Here are the accessories you need to maximize the performance of your mirror-less camera.

External Flash
On average, mirror-less cameras are usually already equipped with an internal flash. So that, you can still take pictures in minimal light conditions. However, if you want to get better and maximum results, you need the help of an external flash. Completeness of this camera will make control capabilities in capturing images become more flexible. Because, you can adjust the power level of the light to the direction of light so that it hits the object easily. However, before buying make sure that the mirror-less camera that you have has a hot shoe to put your flash before use.

In the world of photography, the lens becomes an important part. Because, with the lens, you can capture images or record the objects you want. Well, usually, a mirror-less camera is equipped with a built-in lens. However, for those of you who want to explore further, you can buy additional lenses. Additional lenses themselves consist of several types, ranging from fish-eye to wide lenses. For the fish-eye lens itself, this lens has a diameter of 8mm to 16mm. This lens will give a 180 degree view. The effect, the image produced from the use of this lens will be curved, distorted to oval, and looks like a flat. As for wide lenses, this lens is suitable for you who like to travel. This lens has a wide viewing angle. That means, you can insert more objects into one frame in the same scene when compared to standard lenses. Generally, this lens has a focal length ranging from 14mm to 24mm. So, for those of you who like to travel, this lens is very suitable as an adventure friend.

Battery grip
Running out of battery power is one of the most annoying problems when you’re hunting photos. Well, to overcome this, not a few of us will use two batteries. However, to be more practical, you can use a battery grip. In addition to making the camera body more ‘contained’, this object also serves as a place to put your spare battery. So, you use two batteries at the same time and no longer need to be afraid of running out of battery power when shooting.

For you who like to travel, in addition to a wide lens, you also must have a tripod. In addition to taking landscape photos, a tripod can also be used to take long shutter exposure. Before buying, it is recommended that you buy a tripod that is able to withstand heavy loads, has flexible legs, and can be easily dismantled.

Generally, you can use a protection filter to protect the lens from avoiding damage caused by being touched directly with dirty hands or in less friendly shooting conditions. However, in addition to that, there are also other types of filters that can be used to convert images into deeper and detailed images such as polarization filters.